Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They make it hard to close the coop door
Lilly,voilet and rose perchin' on their pipe

The babies have made it out of the ugly stage

Rose queen of the coop

Rose getting ready to peck one of the babies
Hello everyone,
It is HOT outside, and i'm sick of it. I haven't done much lately but I thought I'd update my page. Chester is on a hunger strike because of the heat he refuses to eat (it's 85 degrees inside the house).
The garden is doing pretty good. The cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, peas and corn are doing well. The Tomatoes are looking a little sickley but most of them are blooming. I am hoping it will rain tonight so everything can get a good drink and have a growth spurt. I am amazed at how many people have gardens this year. I drove through the alleys this morning and about every other house has one. It's pretty neat, they even have a name for it the media calls them recession gardens. Yes, we were junkin' this morning. Sherman found a small tiller someone threw in the trash he's gonna fix it. I didn't find anything. We went to the flea markets this weekend and got some good stuff. I bought an outside playpen for the chickens. My plan was to put it in the part of the garden where nothing is planted. And they were supposed to eat the grass and weeds. Haha the holes were too big and they just walked right out. Guess who's better at catching chickens me or Shermie.... nope you were wrong, It's me. But it sure was fun watching Shermie run around the yard with a net chasing a chicken. I caught two before he was done.
The baby chickens have grown out of the ugly stage and are getting cute again. I have them out in the coop seperated from the big chickens. They are getting friendly but they still don't have names. When I open the coop door they try to jump out. But they don't run away yet. When they get out they get distracted by the big chickens. They just stare in amazement like whoa they are huge! Then Rose tries to peck them.
I put the big ones in the run and gave them Sadies old dog house to sleep in, they like to sleep on top of it though. Rose has become the chicken queen. She likes to chase the other two away if they get too close to me. Apparently I belong to her. How can I tell which one is Rose you may ask if they all look the same. Because Rose doesn't hang out with the other two most of the time. She likes to stand on top of the dog kennel like it's her castle. I have been trying them out on different foods. They say you should give your chickens kitchen scraps. So far I have tried crushed corn flakes, apples, bread, lettuce, popcorn and dog food. Guess which is the only one they would eat. Yep dog food, oh well somebody ought to eat it! Well that's all the news here at the farm.


  1. Those brown babies are too darn cute

    Why is it 85 in your house? turn on the ac or open the windows for a cross draft...

  2. yep they are pretty cute.

    I have the windows open, just not breezy enough. The wind is from the south and I only have one window on that side.