Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a lazy blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inside of the fancy new chicken coop
My new chicken coop

Mrs.Betty one of the new hens

Mr.Wimpy one of the new roosters

This is why I needed a new chicken coop the old one was getting a little crowded!

I finally updated my blog!!

Many things have happened since my last update. Unfortunately my poor unemployed self has been without internet access. Also my memory is not the best so I can't fill you in on everything. As far as the "farm" goes everything is ok. I went to the ohio national poultry show in november. I bought a trio of rosecomb Anconas. For you non-chicken people I bought 2 pretty black & white hens & a rooster. I named the rooster Mr.wimpy and the hens are named Leilu (sherman named it :) and Mrs.Betty.

Around the same time I was gifted another rooster. He is a big white/tan muttley looking thing named Sir Crowsalot

Winter was fast approaching and I was worried where I would put all of my newly aquired pets. So, I asked my dear dad to build me one for christmas. He suprised me and delivered it a couple weeks before christmas. It is very nice & fancy, the chickens love it. I have Mr. Wimpy & Leilu in the old coop together and the rest are all in the new coop.

I know you are all thinking she's some kind of a chicken hoarder. She has a problem, we should stop her!!! But don't because my chickens do amuse me.

Since july Rose has not laid an egg. I'm still not sure what her problem is. But last week I finally got a white egg. I think it was the new hen Mrs.Betty,who hasn't laid a single egg since I got her. But I am not sure it is still a bit of a mystery. The egg production with the brown hens has slowed down a little in the past few months, but it is starting to pick back up now.

Well that's all for now..