Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dark Side of Chester P. Hound

Many of you know of Chester as my super cute and friendly basset hound. But I must tell you he has a darker side. I have known for awhile now that he had a problem. You see every time I leave the room I have to make sure my purse is closed. Sometimes I forget and when I come back he is running around the room with my hair schrunchie in his mouth. At first I just thought maybe he just likes scrunchies, so I gave him his own to play with. I thought I had solved that problem then one day I slipped up and left my open purse on the couch while I went in the other room. I came back to find him running around the room with my scrunchie again while his was laying on the floor. I thought this dog has a problem so, I took his scrunchie away.
Up until today he always got into my purse and got the scrunchie and nothing else. But a few minutes ago I got on the computer to check my email. Things were quiet for a few minutes then Chester walked into the room. I looked over and said what's that you got there Chester? Imagine my suprise when I realized it was two dollar bills! I chased him down and pryed his mouth open and got the money back. In the living room I found more money on the floor. I'm not sure what he was going to do with the money but I have my ideas. My guess is he was planning on trotting down to the store to buy a whole package of scrunchies. So, if you ever come to visit keep your purse with you at all times.


  1. hey kim, I really like ur stories, super cute, i am now following ur blog...look forward to chatting more w/ u in the future...i also have a blog on here,

    Love ya, Billie Jo aka queenbbeee