Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phillis and Chester
Weezy, Williminia, and Walter

My special lillies


These are my lovely Dahilias

Yes These are pictures from the summer! I know it is 20 degrees outside. I thought it would be nice to put up some warm weather pictures to remind me that winter wont last forever.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and warm thoughts! ;) however it didnt help my severe case of "I HATE WINTER IN OHIO" Cabin Fever!:) fyi am gonna link your blog to mine! Enjoy ! Nice to see the Dirty Duck Gang Strikes the Net Again! lol

  2. I was sooo confused @ first! I thought maybe it didn't snow @ your house!! lol I'm a big dork!Thanks for the springy/warm pics!

  3. I enjoyed the pics. I am so ready for spring...
    and I like the swimming fish.

  4. Thanks everyone! Dirty Duck gang I like that name! Lol I wish it didn't snow at my house! Its like the tundra down here!

  5. Found your blog via your Sis Rachel's blog. Knew I should become a new follower once I saw Phillis & Chester. :) Thanks for the link to the Mamawscreations giveaway, I linked up and was her 100th follower!! Beautiful pics of the flowers, I am ready for spring too.