Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So many things have changed around the "farm" since I last blogged. I wish I could blog all the time and tell about every little thing these crazy chickens of mine do, but unfortunately I can't. Maybe someday.

Anyhow we have 3 less chickens than the last time I blogged. Sir Crowsalot and Leilu were killed by some sort of predator. I was a little sad but not too much since Sir Crowsalot had turned out to be quite a mean rooster! I will not miss his flogging or constant crowing one bit. I can only guess that Gertrude died of an infection. She had a prolapsed oviduct (I wont give you the details- it's gross) in the fall and I thought she was cured but then she died suddenly in December.

The girls stopped laying eggs on December 1st exactly and still haven't resumed. I'm not doing the artificial lighting this year to keep them laying. I figure they deserve a little break. They are dealing with the cold Ohio weather pretty well. They enjoy eating the snow.

I also got three ducks in the spring. Their names are williminia, weezy and walter. They are pretty cute. But I don't enjoy them as much as my chickens. They are very messy little creatures. They also run from me as if i am king kong. That is my fault though because I didn't handle them enough when they were babies. Why didn't I like to pick up cute little ducklings you might ask yourself? That is because they would poop all over me every time I tried.

I also have a new basset hound named Phyllis. She is chester's new friend. They get along pretty well and they keep each other company. They are double trouble. Phillis is quite rambunctious still, she is a year younger than Chester. She does things like jump over baby gates and sit on top of tables.

I guess that is all for now, Hopefully I can add more another day.

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  1. I like your new blog design! Hopefully soon you can get the internet back...we just got ours yesterday! :)