Friday, July 17, 2009

This is my garden this week-Growin good but very weedy
Some baby watermelons- so cute!

The brownies perched on their new perch

The white girls in Chicken Jail -look at those combs & wattles!

Cute nappy time picture

Sadie Being cute

An uninvited garden guest!
It's been eating my pumpkins. He must not have seen my rabbit dog!

The corn have ears now- so don't talk about them too loud

Lil Baby Peppers

I am finally getting some produce ready: cherry tomatoes,4 regular tomatoes,4 Zuc.,1 cucumber (shermie ate the other 2)and green beans

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  1. wow ur produce looks good, Im sorry to hear about ur chickens, i hope the rest live at least till
    miss ya