Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

garden pic

so many tomatoes they can't stand up straight- if only they would turn red

ooh baby cauliflower

I bought this lilly last spring and it just now bloomed it's called pandora's box

Well I haven't wrote anything in awhile so I guess I'll give all my 4 followers an update. We just got done watching the fireworks with mom and mark. We watched them at our house this year. The mosquitoes ate me up they even bit me on the butt, not sure how they managed that one. The fireworks were pretty good this year.
As for life at my house it has been pretty busy. Shermie is off work for two weeks :(. It's finally a little cooler it was too darn hot for awhile there. The garden is growing really good. I had a lot of lettuce last week but I have gotten rid of that now. I am getting green beans and squash and a few cherry tomatoes here and there. Hopefully I will get more soon so I can set up a stand in the front yard, and make a little $.
The chickens are getting bigger. The white girls (rose & friends) went to chicken time out, for harassing the brownies. Chicken time out is a cage underneath the pine trees. Rose pecked a hole in buttercups' neck the other day, but she's doing better now. I think I might just build a separate pen for rose & her raptor friends.
The brownies have names now: Buttercup, Gertrude, Pecker, Cinnamon, Foxy Brown and Paprika.
I think that is about all the interesting stuff around here. until next time...........


  1. the garden sure is growin up awful yummy!! we love the sunflower pic1

  2. I'm proud to be one of your four followers. I love the chicken pics.

  3. Thank you to my faithful followers. I should make you guys t-shirts. LOL