Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Short Update:
We put all the chickens in together over the weekend. Rose is being bossy as usual but she hasn't hurt anyone yet (she herds the others). I clipped all their feathers and I named one baby buttercup, the rest are still nameless. The babies are much friendlier than the bigger birds they actually let me pet them. I have been letting the biggers birds out to free range when I'm outside. They don't try to run away but it's tricky getting them to go back in. I finally found out what breed my big chickens are they are white leghorns. Which means they will lay large white eggs. Which will amuse me cause the others will lay brown eggs, so I'll have variety. As you can see from the picture above I picked some lettuce from the garden today for salads. Shermie made fun of me for taking salad pictures, but we agreed it tasted good (for a salad). That's all for now.....

1 comment:

  1. Ok, how about Flo, Henrieta, Rita, Harriet, Bertha and Delilah..... LOL