Thursday, June 11, 2009

I read on the internet that you should put golf balls in your nest box so the chickens will know where to lay their eggs. I cleaned out the shed today and found some so I snuck them in the coop (yes It's still a little early for eggs). It was comical They kept looking at each other like are those yours?
These are my giant red cabbages compared to my foot.

Green Cabbage, Broccoli, Lettuce, Red cabbage and Corn (also weeds)

My main garden

The baby piranah eating weeds

Chicken t.v.

The rain finally came and man did it help. My garden sprang back to life it looks great! This is my first year growing cabbage and they are Huge! The greenbeans made a comeback, the peas have pods already and the tomatoes have bloomed and some even have tomatoes. The only bad thing is the weeds everywhere.

The chickens are doing good. Rose is still chicken queen, Rachel helped me put a black mark on her leg so everyone can tell her apart. Cody came over the other day and I couldn't keep him out of the chicken run. He also helped me catch rose, actually it was more like herding.

The dogs are good Chester is over his hunger strike. Sadie is crazy as always, she barks at night all the time and I finally figured it out the other day. She is barking at airplanes.

We had a pretty successful yardsale last weekend. Shermie and I got lots of goodies while junking. Life is pretty good around here.

That's about all for this week


  1. Love the chicken tv kimbo - maybe you could start a following....